Welcome to St-Charles !

 Claire DUPONTClaire DUPONT, Head of Elementary SchoolA word from the Head of the Elementary School

St-Charles - ND de Recouvrance elementary school promotes an opening to the world, through its bilingual English section, starting in kindergarden, also through an initiation to Italian from Year 1 to Year 6 as well as several other project ;

  an opening to the city of Orléans, thanks to its central location close to the Médiathèque, the arena and the museums ;

  an opening towards people with a respectful education and an encouragement to listening and helping each other ;

  a dynamic teaching team that caters to our pupils with activities which respect our religious orientation ;

  a welcomed participation from parents as they are a true part of our educating efforts.

 “Lest we forget that a child is nobody’s thing.

We need to serve them, considering what they are and, triggering their energy, help them become what they should be.”

Father Laberthonnière

Equipe Ecole add36

Word from Mr Le Nalio, Head of School

le nalio

Our human size collège, located in the heart of Orléans, allows for the development of our Mission Statement made of mutual trust and the dedication of both our staff and pupils.
At the collège, we aim to allow everyone to build and develop their talents through dialogue and :
● demanding academic requirements,
● an expertise in language teaching (Bilingual English Section, European classes for Italian,BEnglish, an English/Chinese section, German, Spanish, Latin, Greek),
● a community living and learning experience,
● an age adapted religious education,
● a behaviour through which service and self-involvement are valued.

Welcome to Collège St-Charles and follow through a successful path with the help and support of our teachers and educators.

Our Teaching Project “Be an active student” at St-Charles”

Instruction : Provide all students with general training allowing them to acquire both the knowledge and the knowhow on community living.

Education : Develop every student’s personnality in order to help them become free and real actors in society.

Socialisation : Promote socialisation and comprehension of today’s world. Allow each student to acquire thenecessary references to become a well informed citizen.

Pastoral : Offer everyone a trust based and evangelical working climate allowing for a common and personaldevelopment of faith.

Orientation : Allow all students to acquire the required orientation references prior to their cultural, social and professional insertion.


Our objective : when hosting a student at the collège is to help them go through this metamophosis from being a child who just left a known environment, the primary school, to the soon to be teenager, with their frequent doubts, worries, feelings of incomprehension as well as enthousiasms.

Our ambition : through those four years at the collège is to help them not only to acquire knowledge and skills but also to feel integrated, responsible and respectful in order to be respected, using both firmness and consultation with the families’ trust.

Our goal : progressively lead the student towards being a responsible and autonomous lycée student in a mutual trust environment by teaching them working methods and skills to understand, analyse, comment and write.

College - Perspective

Classes at the Collège

There are 4 classes per level at the collège for a total of 16 classes. Classes run for 4 days and a half on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning, Thursday and Friday.

Timetable: morning from 8:10 to 12:05, afternoon from 1 or 1:55pm to 5 or 5:55pm.

Please note: the school’s sports association proposes activities on Wednesday afternoons from 2 to 4:30pm.

Different proposals allow to customise the student curriculum according to their level and aptitudes.

The collège has 4 training proposals :

1. The “Modern” section, recommended to high achievers. Teaching of a third language (German, Spanish, Italian) as of the 5e class.

2. The European section “Italian-English, recommended to students who are curious about european and latin culture. Bi-language teaching as of the 6e class. In 4e, the non-linguistic subject (NLS) is “History of the Arts” in Italian (replacing art and music education). Possibility to get linguistic certifications from the University of Sienna (CILS), take part in an exchange with our partner private catholic middle school in Trevise and follow-up in the European section at the Lycée in three different orientations, L (litterary), ES (economic and social) or S (scientific) where the NLS is History and Geography in Italian.

3. The “ASB” section (Anglais Section Bilingue) recommended to students who are attracted to the language of excellence and the anglo-saxon culture. This section offers an exclusive approach by native English language teachers. Possibility to get certifications from Cambridge or London. Mandatory linguistic stay in Great-Britain in 5e. Possible exchange trips with our partner schools in England (4e) and Australia (3e).

4. The “ASB/Chinese” section, recommended to students with a high interest in the ASB section (see above) and wishing to acquire high level skills in the Chinese language and culture. Bilanguage teaching as of the 6e class. Possibility to carry on at the lycée.

Ancient Languages :

● elective latin option in 5e which implies carrying on through to 3e except for students who wish to switch to Greek in 3e.
● possibility for non latin students to start Greek in 3e.
● possibility to carry on at the lycée...

Language Teaching at the Collègecours ASB de928

Mission Statement Priority Orientation n°3 : “International opening : thinking in a different language”

● Thinking in a foreign language
● Experience language immersion through partnerships with school abroad.



Profession de foi 47e92

Orientation n°2 of our Mission Statement : “accompany and give meaning to life through all aspects of personality.”
Objective n°7 of our Mission Statement : “associate religious culture and catechism to gospel and sacraments participation.”

The collège is open to all and each can benefit from the pastoral project.


Sport and Activities

Priority Orientation n°1 of our Mission Statement : “Learn to work together in the dynamics of projects.”

1°) Physical and Sport Education (EPS) : physical and sport education is handled by a group of teachers headed by a coordinator. Each 6e student does 4 hours weekly, 3 hours for the 5e, 4e and 3e.


2°) Sport Association (L’A.S.) : the sport association of St-Charles is a non lucrative “bill 1901” association which aims at promoting sport and educational activities in accordance with our Mission Statement. Headed by the Principal and handled by the PE teachers, this association offers :

●specific time slots for extra sport practice

●inter school events

●school championship participation


3°) Choir : the collège choir is coached by a music teacher. They traditionally meet on Mondays over lunch time and caters particularly to 6e students.

4°) Nature Club : this Nature Club is managed by an Earth and Life science teacher (SVT) and provides extra curricular activities. The objective is to give first hand experimental practice in concrete situations, for example the creation of green areas or looking after fish tanks.

5°) Chess Club : each week, our chess players meet to practice their sport. The collège strongly supports this initiative. To operate, this club benefits from :
● the use of the cultural practice room (CDI) and supervision by the document teacher
● initiation to chess in Spanish language. This is a pedagogical initiative headed a Spanish teacher and a chess master from the Loiret chess federation.


Information and Document Centre (CDI) at the Collège

Mission Statement Prioriry Orientation n°1: “Learn to work together towards a common goal”.CDI CLG1 2673e

The Information and Document Centre (CDI) is fully integrated to Cours St-Charles. A specialised teacher, who heads the CDI, looks after providing multi disciplinary resources for school projects.

● Methodology: Teachers build up sequences along with the the head of the CDI in order to develop varied skills such as multi support research, team work and collective written productions.
● Cultural opening: The CDI is fully wired and allows students to do research on softwares or websites that respect our internet charter. Exhibitions are held too.



Word from the Principal

p.perrotPascale PERROT, principal of the Preparatory Classes   



Welcome to Lycée St-Charles !
A word from the Head of the "Lycée"
 “To be an establishment that welcomes, helps to grow and shines.”
 Lycée St-Charles is a general teaching lycée. Each year we welcome more than 500 students over

 three levels :


● 6 classes in 2nd
● 6 classes in 1ère (L, ES, S)
● 6 classes in Terminale (L, ES, S)
As mentionned in our Mission Statement, we invite each student to join in the “en route” project while
helping them to grow in all aspects. For this, the Lycée offers :

High quality individual construction

in literacy, science and economics, a bilingual section and preparation to Cambridge exams, an Italian European section,
Latin, Greek, economy, science and litterature… but also arts and Chinese.
On a strictly schooling outlook, we obviously aim at preparing students to sit and pass their baccalauréat in
good conditions and, beyond, to consider and prepare for higher studies.

Real human construction

through learning how to be responsible, live harmoniously in groups and experience a rich spiritual life.

                                                                                                               Mrs Pascale PERROT

le nalioWe accept Children from 2 to 19 years of age from Primary School to Senior School. With 1400 Children, we are one of the biggest Private Schools in the Loiret.

Our first speciality with more than half of our students belonging to the Bilingual Section is English. Our Teachers are all native speakers and teach exclusively in English. To attain a high level in foreign languages and a real knowledge of the Saxon and Latin culture, we organise Trips to America, Australia, England, Germany, Turkey, Italy and Spain.

Our second speciality is science where students study astronomy, aeronautics and aerospace science.

Finally, we are a Catholic School with Catholic values and we expect everybody to respect these values.

We welcome every family who accept our project !

Mister Frédéric LE NALIO,
Chef d'établissement Coordinateur Cours Saint Charles


st charles trichet

Cours St-Charles was founded in the heart of Orléans following a request made by the st charles grignionSt-Paterne parrish. Today, the school is under guardianship of the Dioceses’ Catholic Teaching Boards of Loiret and Berry.The nuns les Filles de la Sagesse opened the first classes in 1767. From its early history, Cours St-Charles has been equally transmitting education, instruction and pastoral awakening to the young. Since then, our teaching community has been elaborating, within teams, a pedagogical "savoir faire" based on our Mission Statement and an international opening. The lycée, in the St-Marceau area, was created in 1990 following a strong request made by the Diocese’s Catholic Teaching Board. At the same time, our school opened itself to scientific excellence, inaugurating preparatory classes to great engineering schools (CPGE MP / MPSI). Since the years 2000, families have been offered an organizational coherence with 4 sites : the kindergarten school on Croix de Bois street, the primary school on Stanislas Julien street, the collège on Grands Champs street and the lycée CPGE on St-Fiacre Avenue.

 Cours St Charles Orleans une classe

Cours St-Charles has kept up its strong educational and pedagogical traditions, respectful of the Gospel. Innovations are deeply rooted in our teaching, educating, administrative and technical team work. Cours St-Charles develops several partnerships with other areas as well as other schools both in France and abroad. May everyone feel welcome to join the march with Cours St-Charles and reply with generosity to the needs of our pupils and students.

 Our Project

A Welcoming Establishment

● A friendly and lucid outlook on the young and the world
● Listen and stay close to students
● Respect for the whole educational community
● Promote multiple intelligences and talents
● Forward confirmed and varied knowledges
● Develop personal thinking capacities
● Offer both collective training and quality individual programs
● Dialogue with other cultures through bilingual teaching excellence
● Lead students to deepen their faith and communicate with other Christians, religions and
● Truly live and share

 An establishment which helps to grow

● Face contemporary world issues
● Lead and help everyone to settle in society
● Grow our strength within, put both having and being in perspective
● Support families in their endeavor to promote their faith
● Match what is said to what is done
● Celebrate events and encounters through simplicity and open mind

An establishment that shines

● Be an actor in our mutating world
● Speak publicaly with a precise, structured and comprehensible language
● Acknowledge that the community is an opportunity to individuals
● Make choices which require community and self involvement

 International activities for the Collège and the Lycée

To develop a better understanding of today’s world important issues, we train new generations of students able to perform in foreign languages in cross cultural exchanges. Cours St-Charles’ international projects allow for exclusive pedagogical and cultural stays abroad. Our language teaching team includes fifteen foreign teachers, recruited for their competence and specific implications in international training programs.

Some pedagogical objectives

● Class immersion which never relies on translating
● Acquisition of specific cultural realities through the target language
● Preparation to international certifications
● Opportunity to prepare and live exclusive pedagogical stays abroad

Cours St-Charles has strong ties with both public and private institutions selected for their quality, the proximity of their educational projects and our common views on linguistic ones.

List of partner countries over five continents 

EUROPE: Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Greece
AMERICA: United States of America
ASIA: China, Lebanon
OCEANIA: Australia, New-Zealand
AFRICA: Several countries in relation to annual pastoral projects


“A warm welcome to Anglais Section Bilingue”

Founded in 1988, the Bilingual English Section, called ASB, has gradually developed thanks to a growing offer in primary and lycée. And since 1991, the ASB section has been implemented in all
levels from kindergarten to CPGE.
This section aims to:
● allow children to enrich themselves intellectualy and culturally,
● open the young to the world,
● reach near bilingualism by the end of Terminale year.

With more than 1080 students listed in ASB, this section is an open door to the world. To be admitted in ASB, candidates need to have solid school grades and foreign language aptitudes. To ensure this, they must sit an admission test.


To Register in ASB

Enrollment in ASB starts in kindergarten. As of year 4 (CM1) enrollment follows an ASB admission test.

Registration takes place through appointment with the principal.
Kindergarten and p-Primary: Mrs DUPONT
Collège: Mr LE NALIO
Lycée: Mrs PERROT

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Teaching in Anglais Section Bilingue

The evolutive bilingual section programmes are handled by a team of native speaking teachers, all fully qualified and certified.

Our teachers are British, Australian, Canadian, Irish, American ... thus giving students a range of different accents and cultures that truly reflect English language scope.

Our long term goal is to reach near bilingualism French/English.

Teachers in ASB

StaffASB2 49083
Susan Banks : English
Martina Deberdt : Irish
Julie de L'Ecluse : Franco-British
Elizabeth Dunne : Irish
Sylvain Gendron : Canadian
Diane Goyat : English
Wendy Jacka-Muzard : Australian
Sarah Magnard : British
Gillian Moïse : English
Julia Mulkerrin : English
Leslie Payet : Franco-Irish
Katia Raguin : Australian
Jonathan Stark : English
Louise Sueur : English

English exams in ASB

Cambridge University Exams

Evalutation of Cambridge University exams complies with the five national scales set by the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE).
Tests cover four language skills: understanding, talking, reading and writing. They include a full range of tasks that allow for the evaluation of candidates in practical and varied language situations.

Cambridge exams are used to evaluate proper communication in English.
To find out more about the way Cambridge exams comply with the European Common Reference for Languages (CECRL) please go to :
Cambridge EFL exams are recognised by universities, employers and the Department of Education of many countries.
  PreparationCentreLogo RGB 300dpi ad47b
Remise diplome cambridge
➢ Preliminary English Test: Level 2
PET is a lower intermediate test of English. Every year, over 60,000 people in more than 50 countries sit this test. This level certifies proper linguistic skills allowing for limited but efficient performance in familiar situations.
➢ First Certificate in English: Level 3
At that level students develop linguistic knowledge allowing them to work or study in an anglophone environment with a proven general language practice in diverse situations. For example a person can take part in discussions on a practical point of view.
➢ Certificate in Advanced English: Level 4
At that level students have acquired good mastering of language use in a range of current situations worldwide. For example a person can take an active part in conversations and meetings.
➢ Certificate of Proficiency in English: Level 5
At that level students have acquired an excellent mastering of language use in most situations. For example a person can confidently, on any topic, argue, justify and comment in a convincing way.
A large number of universities in Great Britain, North America and worldwide accept certifications and diplomas of students who succeed levels 4 and 5. These confirm their adequate language mastering and readiness for course registration.

PTE Pearson Exam

PTE Pearson Exams were created in 1982 by the University of London. These exams evaluate written and oral comprehension and expression.
ASB-Remise diplomes Pearson 2010 bd6d1

➢ Pearson Test of English Young Learners
These tests are organised and set to encourage children to use the English language. Our school offers the possibility for children in year 6 (CM2) to sit level 1 (Firstwords) or 2 (Springboard) of the PTE Young Learners.
➢ Pearson Test of English General
All 6 levels of PTE General are linked to the European Common Reference for Languages (CECRL).
Levels 4 and 5 of the PTE General allow access to universities in Great Britain.
Level A1: CECRL level A1
Level 1: CECRL level A2
Level 2: CECRL level B1
Level 3: CECRL level B2 : competent use of English
Level 4: CECRL level C1 : competent use of English and access to universities in the United Kingdom. At that level students have acquired good mastering of language use in a range of current situations worldwide. For example a person can take an active part in conversations and meetings.
Level 5: CECRL level C2: for advanced users of English and admission to 3rd cycle studies. At that level students have acquired an excellent mastering of language use in most situations. For example a person can confidently, on any topic, argue, justify and comment in a convincing way.

Demonstrations and Activities in ASB

Christmas Market

In kindergarten and primary, for the Christmas market, pupils sing Christmas Carols in front of parents and teachers.

thumb asb-marche-noel


During the year, one or two plays are performed by primary pupils.

The Big Challenge

At the collège, 6e students take part in the national competition of “The Big Challenge”, a fun and pedagogical multiple choice question game in English. Each year, our students get high results and
are ranked in excellent position on both national and departmental levels.


The pupils in 5ème ASB correspond as pen pals with pupils of their age at Oundle School. In this way, the English students improve their French and as our students reply in English, both have a meaningful way of improving their English- and having fun at the same time!

Immersion Sessions

These immersion sessions, 2 or 3 days long, can be set up for students during holiday periods.

 Diploma Ceremony

All Cambridge or Pearson Test graduates are invited to attend this ceremony, organised twice a year, which congratulates them for their school success. Parents and teachers also attend.

remise diplome ASB

ASB Magazine



Lâcher de colombes


Linguistic Stays and Exchange Programmes in ASB

“Irreplaceable experiences giving opportunities to progress in mastering a foreign language” Languages are not studied “in vacuo”. As students progress in their knowledge of English, we also aim to teach them an appreciation of English speaking countries’ cultures.
It is difficult, to say the least, to master a foreign language without spending some time in a country where it is spoken. This is why we offer 4 linguistic exchanges and a 1 week long stay. We ask that students spend a minimum of 3 weeks in an English speaking country in the span of their studies. We consider this to be a minimum requirement; students who want to improve will spend a longer time.
The trips on offer, from 4e to 2nd, allow for the discovery of culture and language of a country.

The Isle of Wight in Englandasb-wright

Set on the Isle of Wight in England, this is a week long stay and a strong moment in language learning for 5e students in ASB.
Students are accomodated in a pedagogical centre for a full week during which they have lessons and activities, all in English of course: seashore life, survival skills, visit of Carisbrooke Castle, of Bonchurch …



Oundle School in Englandasb-oundle

An exchange is organised for 4e students with Oundle School in England. Each year, English students come to France to spend a week with host families.
A tailormade programme is set for our visitors with French lessons, provided by St-Charles teachers, and theme visits.
Then our students are hosted for a week in July by their British correspondents’ families, along their with ASB teachers.
For further information on Oundle school, please visit : www.oundleschool.org.uk



This exchange is offered to 2nd students. They are hosted in Connecticut families, take part in American life and attend classes with their correspondents.
Prior to this, linked to the theme “Discovering Independence and Liberty”, students visit New York city, Ellis Island and Liberty Island, The Metropolitan Museum, The Rockfeller Center “Top of the Rock” as well as Washington DC, the Capitol and its Obelisk.



 Adelaide (South Australia)asb-adelaide

This exchange is offered to 2nd students. For a full month, students live in immersion in Australian families and attend classes with their correspondents at Marryatvill High School. They discover Australian life and culture, its fauna and flora along with its wonderful landscapes through organised trips.
Programme: Kangaroo Island, Immigration museum, Art Galery, Adelaide’s National Museum …
In turn, Australian students come to France in December. They visit Paris and Orleans. They experience Christmas Holiday celebrations with their French host families.
For further information on Marryatville High School, please visit www.marryatvillehs.sa.edu.au

 Melbourne (Victoria)asb-melbourne

This exchange is offerd to 3e students. They spend the month of July with Australian host families and then welcome their correspondents in September. After ten days of holiday with their host family, during which they take part in Australian life, students attend classes with their correspondents at St-Kevin’s High School and visit Melbourne.
Programme: Immigration museum, NGV (National Gallery of Victoria), Cook’s cottage, Melbourne Museum, Philip Island …
Melbourne correspondents come to Orleans every two years. They visit the city and the Loire Castles.
For further information on St Kevin’s High School, please visit www.stkevins.vic.edu.au


For each one of those trips, students are required to fill a logbook in which they write about their visits, feelings, activities … These exchanges are real opportunities for our students to open up to the world, discover and live another way of life. They remain magical, extraordinary and unforgettable memories for each participant.



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