“A warm welcome to Anglais Section Bilingue”

Founded in 1988, the Bilingual English Section, called ASB, has gradually developed thanks to a growing offer in primary and lycée. And since 1991, the ASB section has been implemented in all
levels from kindergarten to CPGE.
This section aims to:
● allow children to enrich themselves intellectualy and culturally,
● open the young to the world,
● reach near bilingualism by the end of Terminale year.

With more than 1080 students listed in ASB, this section is an open door to the world. To be admitted in ASB, candidates need to have solid school grades and foreign language aptitudes. To ensure this, they must sit an admission test.


To Register in ASB

Enrollment in ASB starts in kindergarten. As of year 4 (CM1) enrollment follows an ASB admission test.

Registration takes place through appointment with the principal.
Kindergarten and p-Primary: Mrs DUPONT
Collège: Mrs PUPAT or Mrs ODENT
Lycée: Mrs PERROT