Word from Head of School


Our human size collège, located in the heart of Orléans, allows for the development of our Mission Statement made of mutual trust and the dedication of both our staff and pupils.
At the collège, we aim to allow everyone to build and develop their talents through dialogue and :
● demanding academic requirements,
● an expertise in language teaching (Bilingual English Section, European classes for Italian,BEnglish, an English/Chinese section, German, Spanish, Latin, Greek),
● a community living and learning experience,
● an age adapted religious education,
● a behaviour through which service and self-involvement are valued.

Welcome to Collège St-Charles and follow through a successful path with the help and support of our teachers and educators.

Our Teaching Project “Be an active student” at St-Charles”

Instruction : Provide all students with general training allowing them to acquire both the knowledge and the knowhow on community living.

Education : Develop every student’s personnality in order to help them become free and real actors in society.

Socialisation : Promote socialisation and comprehension of today’s world. Allow each student to acquire thenecessary references to become a well informed citizen.

Pastoral : Offer everyone a trust based and evangelical working climate allowing for a common and personaldevelopment of faith.

Orientation : Allow all students to acquire the required orientation references prior to their cultural, social and professional insertion.


Our objective : when hosting a student at the collège is to help them go through this metamophosis from being a child who just left a known environment, the primary school, to the soon to be teenager, with their frequent doubts, worries, feelings of incomprehension as well as enthousiasms.

Our ambition : through those four years at the collège is to help them not only to acquire knowledge and skills but also to feel integrated, responsible and respectful in order to be respected, using both firmness and consultation with the families’ trust.

Our goal : progressively lead the student towards being a responsible and autonomous lycée student in a mutual trust environment by teaching them working methods and skills to understand, analyse, comment and write.

College - Perspective

Classes at the Collège

There are 4 classes per level at the collège for a total of 16 classes. Classes run for 4 days and a half on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning, Thursday and Friday.

Timetable: morning from 8:10 to 12:05, afternoon from 1 or 1:55pm to 5 or 5:55pm.

Please note: the school’s sports association proposes activities on Wednesday afternoons from 2 to 4:30pm.

Different proposals allow to customise the student curriculum according to their level and aptitudes.

The collège has 4 training proposals :

1. The “Modern” section, recommended to high achievers. Teaching of a third language (German, Spanish, Italian) as of the 5e class.

2. The European section “Italian-English, recommended to students who are curious about european and latin culture. Bi-language teaching as of the 6e class. In 4e, the non-linguistic subject (NLS) is “History of the Arts” in Italian (replacing art and music education). Possibility to get linguistic certifications from the University of Sienna (CILS), take part in an exchange with our partner private catholic middle school in Trevise and follow-up in the European section at the Lycée in three different orientations, L (litterary), ES (economic and social) or S (scientific) where the NLS is History and Geography in Italian.

3. The “ASB” section (Anglais Section Bilingue) recommended to students who are attracted to the language of excellence and the anglo-saxon culture. This section offers an exclusive approach by native English language teachers. Possibility to get certifications from Cambridge or London. Mandatory linguistic stay in Great-Britain in 5e. Possible exchange trips with our partner schools in England (4e) and Australia (3e).

4. The “ASB/Chinese” section, recommended to students with a high interest in the ASB section (see above) and wishing to acquire high level skills in the Chinese language and culture. Bilanguage teaching as of the 6e class. Possibility to carry on at the lycée.

Ancient Languages :

● elective latin option in 5e which implies carrying on through to 3e except for students who wish to switch to Greek in 3e.
● possibility for non latin students to start Greek in 3e.
● possibility to carry on at the lycée...

Language Teaching at the Collègecours ASB de928

Mission Statement Priority Orientation n°3 : “International opening : thinking in a different language”

● Thinking in a foreign language
● Experience language immersion through partnerships with school abroad.



Profession de foi 47e92

Orientation n°2 of our Mission Statement : “accompany and give meaning to life through all aspects of personality.”
Objective n°7 of our Mission Statement : “associate religious culture and catechism to gospel and sacraments participation.”

The collège is open to all and each can benefit from the pastoral project.


 Sport and Activities

Priority Orientation n°1 of our Mission Statement : “Learn to work together in the dynamics of projects.”

1°) Physical and Sport Education (EPS) : physical and sport education is handled by a group of teachers headed by a coordinator. Each 6e student does 4 hours weekly, 3 hours for the 5e, 4e and 3e.


2°) Sport Association (L’A.S.) : the sport association of St-Charles is a non lucrative “bill 1901” association which aims at promoting sport and educational activities in accordance with our Mission Statement. Headed by the Principal and handled by the PE teachers, this association offers :

●specific time slots for extra sport practice

●inter school events

●school championship participation


3°) Choir : the collège choir is coached by a music teacher. They traditionally meet on Mondays over lunch time and caters particularly to 6e students.

4°) Nature Club : this Nature Club is managed by an Earth and Life science teacher (SVT) and provides extra curricular activities. The objective is to give first hand experimental practice in concrete situations, for example the creation of green areas or looking after fish tanks.

5°) Chess Club : each week, our chess players meet to practice their sport. The collège strongly supports this initiative. To operate, this club benefits from :
● the use of the cultural practice room (CDI) and supervision by the document teacher
● initiation to chess in Spanish language. This is a pedagogical initiative headed a Spanish teacher and a chess master from the Loiret chess federation.


Information and Document Centre (CDI) at the Collège

Mission Statement Prioriry Orientation n°1: “Learn to work together towards a common goal”.CDI CLG1 2673e

The Information and Document Centre (CDI) is fully integrated to Cours St-Charles. A specialised teacher, who heads the CDI, looks after providing multi disciplinary resources for school projects.

● Methodology: Teachers build up sequences along with the the head of the CDI in order to develop varied skills such as multi support research, team work and collective written productions.
● Cultural opening: The CDI is fully wired and allows students to do research on softwares or websites that respect our internet charter. Exhibitions are held too.