Welcome to St-Charles !

A word from the Head of the Elementary School

St-Charles - ND de Recouvrance elementary school promotes an opening to the world, through its bilingual English section, starting in kindergarden, also through an initiation to Italian from Year 1 to Year 6 as well as several other project ;

  an opening to the city of Orléans, thanks to its central location close to the Médiathèque, the arena and the museums ;

  an opening towards people with a respectful education and an encouragement to listening and helping each other ;

  a dynamic teaching team that caters to our pupils with activities which respect our religious orientation ;

  a welcomed participation from parents as they are a true part of our educating efforts.

 “Lest we forget that a child is nobody’s thing.

We need to serve them, considering what they are and, triggering their energy, help them become what they should be.”

Father Laberthonnière