Welcome to Lycée St-Charles !
A word from the Head of the "Lycée"
  “To be an establishment that welcomes, helps to grow and shines.”
 Lycée St-Charles is a general teaching lycée. Each year we welcome more than 500 students over three levels :

● 6 classes in 2nd
● 6 classes in 1ère (L, ES, S)
● 6 classes in Terminale (L, ES, S)
As mentionned in our Mission Statement, we invite each student to join in the “en route” project while
helping them to grow in all aspects. For this, the Lycée offers :

High quality individual construction

in literacy, science and economics, a bilingual section and preparation to Cambridge exams, an Italian European section,
Latin, Greek, economy, science and litterature… but also arts and Chinese.
On a strictly schooling outlook, we obviously aim at preparing students to sit and pass their baccalauréat in
good conditions and, beyond, to consider and prepare for higher studies.

Real human construction

through learning how to be responsible, live harmoniously in groups and experience a rich spiritual life.