We accept Children from 2 to 19 years of age from Primary School to Senior School. With 1600 children, we are one of the biggest Private Schools in the Loiret.

Our first speciality with more than half of our students belonging to the Bilingual Section is English. Our Teachers are all native speakers and teach exclusively in English. To attain a high level in foreign languages and a real knowledge of the Saxon and Latin culture, we organise Trips to America, Australia, England, Germany, Turkey, Italy and Spain.

Our second speciality is science where students study astronomy, aeronautics and aerospace science.

Finally, we are a Catholic School with Catholic values and we expect everybody to respect these values.

We welcome every family who accept our project !



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Cours St-Charles was founded in the heart of Orléans following a request made by the st charles grignionSt-Paterne parrish. Today, the school is under guardianship of the Dioceses’ Catholic Teaching Boards of Loiret and Berry.The nuns les Filles de la Sagesse opened the first classes in 1767. From its early history, Cours St-Charles has been equally transmitting education, instruction and pastoral awakening to the young. Since then, our teaching community has been elaborating, within teams, a pedagogical "savoir faire" based on our Mission Statement and an international opening. The lycée, in the St-Marceau area, was created in 1990 following a strong request made by the Diocese’s Catholic Teaching Board. At the same time, our school opened itself to scientific excellence, inaugurating preparatory classes to great engineering schools (CPGE MP / MPSI). Since the years 2000, families have been offered an organizational coherence with 4 sites : the kindergarten school on Croix de Bois street, the primary school on Stanislas Julien street, the collège on Grands Champs street and the lycée CPGE on St-Fiacre Avenue.

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Cours St-Charles has kept up its strong educational and pedagogical traditions, respectful of the Gospel. Innovations are deeply rooted in our teaching, educating, administrative and technical team work. Cours St-Charles develops several partnerships with other areas as well as other schools both in France and abroad. May everyone feel welcome to join the march with Cours St-Charles and reply with generosity to the needs of our pupils and students.

 Our Project

A Welcoming Establishment

● A friendly and lucid outlook on the young and the world
● Listen and stay close to students
● Respect for the whole educational community
● Promote multiple intelligences and talents
● Forward confirmed and varied knowledges
● Develop personal thinking capacities
● Offer both collective training and quality individual programs
● Dialogue with other cultures through bilingual teaching excellence
● Lead students to deepen their faith and communicate with other Christians, religions and
● Truly live and share

 An establishment which helps to grow

● Face contemporary world issues
● Lead and help everyone to settle in society
● Grow our strength within, put both having and being in perspective
● Support families in their endeavor to promote their faith
● Match what is said to what is done
● Celebrate events and encounters through simplicity and open mind

An establishment that shines

● Be an actor in our mutating world
● Speak publicaly with a precise, structured and comprehensible language
● Acknowledge that the community is an opportunity to individuals
● Make choices which require community and self involvement

 International activities for the Collège and the Lycée

To develop a better understanding of today’s world important issues, we train new generations of students able to perform in foreign languages in cross cultural exchanges. Cours St-Charles’ international projects allow for exclusive pedagogical and cultural stays abroad. Our language teaching team includes fifteen foreign teachers, recruited for their competence and specific implications in international training programs.

Some pedagogical objectives

● Class immersion which never relies on translating
● Acquisition of specific cultural realities through the target language
● Preparation to international certifications
● Opportunity to prepare and live exclusive pedagogical stays abroad

Cours St-Charles has strong ties with both public and private institutions selected for their quality, the proximity of their educational projects and our common views on linguistic ones.

List of partner countries over five continents 

EUROPE: Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Greece
AMERICA: United States of America
ASIA: China,
OCEANIA: Australia, New-Zealand
AFRICA: Several countries in relation to annual pastoral projects

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Cours Saint Charles
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tel : 02. 38. 53. 13. 69

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