thumb college royal russell f5222In March, 14 students from 4eme visited Croydon in England to see their exchange partners from the Royal Russell School.  The students had a fantastic time, as usual, during their stay. They followed their pen-pals to lessons and took part in day-to-day school life and extra-curricular activities such as the school Jazz band, the Army cadets amongst other things.

At the weekend some students visited London with their families, going to the theatre, taking boat trips on the Thames and celebrating English Mother's Day on the Sunday. Others visited castles, went to the cinema, ate in local restaurants and had fun with their host families. Four students even had the chance to follow their correspondents to the famous Southwark Cathedral to hear them sing Evensong.

With the accompanying teachers Mrs Mulkerrin and Mr Stark the students visited the Natural History Museum where they saw giant dinosaur fossils amongst other natural wonders. After a brief walk through the south bank of London, stopping to see sights such as Tower bridge, the Globe theatre and The famous Golden Hinde galleon it was back to their host families.

We had numerous messages from English parents and teachers congratulating our students on their level of English, politeness and enthusiasm for everything that was offered to them (even English food!)

Our French students are looking forward to welcoming their correspondents in two weeks time to show them French culture and the school way-of-life.

crédit texte et photo: Mr Stark, professeur ASB

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