thumb ASB COLLEGE ROYAL RUSSEL f0bb717 young  French students arrived at Royal Russell after a rather long journey from Orleans, eager to meet their English partners from mainly Year 9 and 10. They travelled via Eurostar and were greeted by Mrs Mawer at East Croydon station at 1 pm rather exhausted and very hungry!

The English partners came to meet them  in the canteen at 1.30 pm and off they went to their lessons, not much time to socialise. I am sure it will be an excellent experience for all pupils involved. I hear from the students that lots of visits in London have been planned  for the weekend.


Jeudi 10 mars, 17 élèves de 4è et leurs 2 professuers ASB, Mesdames DEBERDT et MULKERRIN sont partis pour 1 semaine d'immersion à Royal Russell School (Croydon).

Ils assisteront aux cours et expérimenteront la vie dans une grande école privée de la banlieue de Londres.

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