During the October holidays we attended the RRS IMUN Conference in London. It is a simulation of the United Nations, organised by students for students who can learn about diplomacy and international relations.

The conference consists in debates on resolutions (article proposing solutions for an issue) between delegates placed into committees, each committee representing a topic. Then, the resolutions that passed go to the General Assembly to be debated again with all the delegates of all committees.

This year I was assigned to the delegation of Monaco in the SCCB committee (Special Committee on Consequences of Brexit). Therefore, throughout 2 days I debated on the question of the status of Gibraltar, the Irish Land Border and the free trade. Fortunately, it was my third IMUN conference, so I managed to participate well! As being an ambassador, I also had to make a speech for the opening ceremony.

The life on the campus is somewhat extremely dynamic, people wake up early to “go to work” and come back to the dormitories often after midnight due to the parties organised each evening. Of course everybody always had to be in suit. Furthermore the kindness and willingness of the staff to listen made the atmosphere really enjoyable! The only adversities we had were all the complications we encountered with transport facilities from France to England.

If I had to remember one thing from this trip it is the incredibly enriching experience. Indeed it is an honour to be invited to such a prestigious conference that, not only enables us to become more confident when speaking in front of an assembly of 400 people and strengthen our English, but also makes our mind open to other cultures and points of view because we are constantly in contact with international students!

This was my last conference, but the Terminales have trained some Secondes and Premières who came with us to this conference, and they can now take up the torch!

sources: Rémi FAKHRI, Terminale S