thumb delgation UMAN f2f007 élèves exceptionnels de 1ère ASB à la Conférence 'International Model United Nations'

Hugo Amato, Maud Blanchard, Camille Ceron, Maiwen Cheikali, Pierre-Marie Fusz, Nikita Kachine et Ambre Malet ont participé à un échange avec Royal Russell School à Croydon UK ainsi qu'a la Conférence 'International Model United Nations'. 

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The 4 day  International Model United Nations conference held at Royal Russell are in fact a simulation of the work that is done in the United Nations. This programme 'is implemented in more than 80 countries as a means of learning about world problems and ways to resolve them, within the framework of the UN.'

The students take on the roles of diplomats, representing different countries (not their own) and they discuss specific topics which have been set in the agenda. The students participate as delegates, chairs, officers and  judges, there is a Secretary General and a President. The delegates must develop strategies and  prepare resolutions which will be debated and finally voted upon - following the procedures of the UN.

It encourages interest in global issues, increases the ability to solve problems and resolve conflicts, develops  research skills and communication skills - consensus building and the art of compromise and cooperation. All such skills will be useful throughout their lives.


C'était une première pour Saint Charles et les élèves ont bénéficié énormément de cette expérience, riche en partage, en débat et rencontres.


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Crédit photographique: Mme W Jacka-Muzard